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kisses [2/6]

Sunday Jul 7 @ 11:14pm

Love, cute, relatable :)


Love, cute, relatable :)

Sunday May 5 @ 01:04am
Thursday May 5 @ 01:21am

World’s Finest Kisses [Requested by Anon]

Monday May 5 @ 08:34pm
Tuesday Mar 3 @ 12:59am
Monday Mar 3 @ 11:44pm
Monday Mar 3 @ 11:09pm

Anonymous said: where is the gifs post/66159180695/toxic-ponies-re-lease-unf from? thanks!!




I’m not sure, can anyone else help out with this one?

Friday Mar 3 @ 09:32am

str4wberriees said: yup, that's it, you're my favorite blog ever.


Friday Mar 3 @ 09:31am

Anonymous said: Hey :) I love the blog! Do you know where the one on page 66 (where the girl with reddish hair is talking and the guy leans over and kisses her in the car) is from? Thanks :)

This is from the show My So-Called Life. That is Claire Danes and Jared Leto. 

Friday Mar 3 @ 09:31am